Volvo Cars San Diego Lease Return

You may be wondering where to go at the end of your Volvo lease. Volvo Cars San Diego is your official Lease Return Center, ready to offer our expertise and facilitate the return process. No matter where you leased your Volvo we are ready to help you. Whether you leased from us or anywhere else in the United States you can return your leased Volvo at Volvo Cars San Diego and benefit from our customer service, a hassle-free experience and a great offer.

First Steps

Contact us at (858) 279-9700 or submit the form below to ask questions about your specific lease, and review your options. We will walk you through the process, simplifying the steps as we can and working to resolve your concerns. Whether this is your first lease or you have returned several vehicles you'll enjoy the comfort of knowing our team is on your side.

No Commitment

You will not be committed to buying a new Volvo from us. You have many options when returning your leased Volvo at Volvo Cars San Diego. You may simply drop off your car or lease a new Volvo. We also specialize in assisting our clients with refinancing the vehicle at the end of the lease. Any extension requests to your lease are facilitated directly through Volvo Cars Financial Services.