We have been locally owned and operated for over 40 years. We are CONFIDENT in the quality and reliability of the vehicles we offer. Our sales team will give you forthright answers and our service center for after sale care continues to rank high in customer satisfaction. It's not just about the car you buy… it is also about the people you buy it from.

As a family owned business, we have always been aware of the changes in our industry. 
We are aware that our clients do not like to negotiate and we respect them and value their time. We have changed the way vehicles are sold and each vehicle, both new or pre-owned, is clearly marked with our Simplified price. We know our pricing is extremely competitive because we are constantly researching the actual sale prices of vehicles throughout Southern California. 

Our vehicle prices are based on the current market conditions of the vehicle offered, the vehicle's equipment, availability, product demand, and length of time that the vehicle has been in our inventory.  As demand changes we change our prices accordingly to the aforementioned criteria. Our pre-owned vehicles are extensively reconditioned both cosmetically and mechanically. They are also sanitized prior to display on our premises. The only way to compare is to come in and see the difference- We offer the best value for your hard-earned dollar!