The Volvo V90 is an exciting and popular luxury wagon that has a lot of fans in San Diego, CA and throughout the world. It is certainly a model that Volvo Cars San Diego is happy to sell because it looks great and has great safety features.

Safety Features to Highlight

The following are two safety features this luxury wagon has for its drivers:

Bending Lights

The V90 has active bending lights, which sound like something supernatural, but they are not. When you hit a curve and begin to steer, your lights are going to turn with you to help illuminate the curve. This happens with the help of the camera near the top of the windshield.

Blind Spot Alert

The V90 also comes with BLIS or the blind spot alert system that ensures you are aware of vehicles that may be in your blind spot. The function alerts you with a light that flashes on both doorposts. This way you can stop merging until you know it is safe to do so.

Get excited because now all you need to do is take a test drive to see how right you are for the Volvo V90, so make your appointment soon.

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