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  • Glen Garland
    General Sales Manager
    858-279-9700 x 201

  • Dave Ehlers
    New Car Sales Manager
    858-279-9700 x 202

  • Edgar Masters
    Pre-Owned Manager
    858-279-9700 x 205

  • Kim Morrow
    Sales Business Manager
    858-279-9700 x 203

  • Mary Wesloe
    Sales Business Manager
    858-279-9700 x 203

  • Juan Zumaya
    Sales Advisor
    858-279-9700 x 256

    What our customers say:

    I would not hesitate to send my friends and family to Volvo of San Diego. I would tell them to ask for Juan Zumaya! Willaim G. San Diego

    Juan was Truly Exceptional.  As a sales advisor he was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. We told him what vehicle we were interested in, and he quickly and smoothly arranged a test drive. When we showed interest in the Cross Country, he arranged to drive that car as well.  We wanted to see the V60 in savile gray and the only vehicle available to see was on the top deck of the parking garage.  Juan took the time to walk us over and to allow us to see the vehicle.  Once we decided on the cross country, my wife indicated that she preferred the black interior to the two tone interior on the lot.  Juan called around and found the exact vehicle she desired and ordered it for us. he let us know when we could come in and pick it up - then spent time to help acquaint my wife with the features t0 ensure she was comfortable before she drove off the lot.  the whole process was smooth, customer friendly and professional.  She loves the car and I would tell

    anyone I know to ask for Juan as I found him to be honest and dedicated to ensuring his customer was satisfied.  he has my highest possible endorsement as a consultant and  I cannot thank him enough!! We got the car we wanted at the advertised price. Dealing with Juan was a truly pleasant experience. Do not hesitate to call me to discuss - I have only positive things to say about my experience with Juan and Volvo of San Diego. 


  • Gene Rollins
    Sales Advisor
    858-279-9700 x 253

    What our customers say:

    Gene Rollins was exceptionally knowledgeable, patient and professional. He knew everything about the car/cars to the tiniest detail. He gave as the time and space to discuss and take our decision without making us feel pressured whatsoever. We have been clients of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen and our experience with Volvo of San Diego is by far the best we've had! The financial manager -Mary Weseloh was also superb! Thank you, Gene and Mary. Valerie I San Diego

    Gene was so great to work with. He was willing to begin the process remotely and then was very thorough when we arrived to complete the paperwork. Truly a no-hassle experience that I greatly appreciated. Jacquelyn F. La Mesa

  • Adrian Masters
    Sales Advisor
    858-279-9700 x 251

    Adrian's product knowledge was very impressive. I felt like I was working with a colleague.- Con B. Solana Beach Ca

  • Richard Hauschild
    Sales Advisor
    858-279-9700 x 258

    What our Customers Say:

    I had an excellent experience with the sales associate with whom I worked, Richard Hauschild. He went above and beyond what I would expect from a sales associate. It was clear that he spent a great deal of time working behind the scenes to ensure that I remain a customer of Volvo San Diego, and I appreciated that. His tenacity and work ethic were ultimately what made me decide to purchase the vehicle I purchased from Volvo San Diego. David A. San Diego

  • Don Thatcher
    Sales Advisor
    858-279-9700 x 252

    outstanding sales representatives (Gene and Don) and dealership staff who were knowledgeable, helpful, and created not pressure. Iwas able to enjoy the car shopping and test drive experience wihile knowing I was being treated fairly by prefessionals whe believed in the Volvo product. Jonathan G. La Mesa Ca

  • Sergio Curiel
    Sales & Leasing Advisor

  • Grant Broadwell
    Sales Advisor
    858-279-9700 x 254

    Our salesperson Grant answered all of our questions and treated us with respect. We felt he did all he could to ensure we chose the right car, accepted our promise, and hel the car until we could arrive at the dealership and complete the sale. Everyone we cam in contact with, with this purchase and the two previous purchases, treated us like family. We left feeling like we got a fair deal with friendly people who cared about our feelings and experience. Thomas M. Roseville, CA

  • Chance Davis
    Sales & Leasing Advisor
    858-279-9700 x 262

    Chance was a pleasure to deal with. Very knowledgeable. I would encourage folks interested in buying a Volvo to go see Chance. Bradley R.

  • Ben Junuzovic
    Sales & Leasing Advisor
    858-279-9700 ext 260

    Ben did a very thorough presentation of the features/controls of the S90 -- and there are a lot of them! Ben knew the technical details very well. Very professional throughout the experience. Very willing to go the "extra effort" to fetch/move vehicles to allowing viewing and test drive. Christopher F. 

  • Patrick Turner
    Sales & Leasing Advisor

    Patrick made sure our phone was connected before we left, good summary of key features and how to locate help on the screen. Had the car with options I liked, the customer service received and good pricing. Very honest and upfront. Best car purchase we have experienced. Lynette F.