Have you noticed your car is not getting all that great fuel economy lately? Maybe the mystery gets solved once you check the tire pressure. Once tire pressure becomes too low, don't expect to experience better gas mileage. And there might be other woes due to the air pressure.

Many other problems can happen when driving on underinflated tires in San Diego, CA. Treadwear increases dramatically. Too much friction on the road wears the rubber down. Traction and handling then suffer, leading to safety issues.

Putting too much air in your tires presents more potential hazards. Besides performance issues, the extra air places the tire at risk for a blowout. As with underinflated tires, traction also suffers when tires have too much air, which isn't a good thing in rainy or icy conditions.

Ask our team at Volvo Cars San Diego to check your tires out or perform other routine services. Our service department can assist with scores of repair and maintenance requests.

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